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Make your business more powerful and more awesome as Pinflux yields amazing Pinterest marketing results for you across 10 accounts and 15 boards, so you get stronger visibility, higher leads and sales with better brand recognition.

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With 100% automation taking over everything from pinning to repinning, follow and unfollow, Pinflux schedules pins actions across your boards and accounts, so you can tap into that 93% of the buyer traffic that goes to Pinterest!

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Protect yourself from Pinflux API changes that can break your software with 2 years of free upgrades. You don’t want to cough up money to Pinflux each time they make a change, do you?

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Automation is great! But Pinflux also allows you 100% control by supporting manual pining, repining, follow and unfollow, so you get all the power to leverage Pinflux the way you want it to work it out for you!

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